Shipping Information

  • We take as much care in shipping your anatomy chocolates as we do in designing and making our delightful treats. We offer Express (1-2 days) and Priority (3-5 days to most US locations) shipping though the United States Postal Service. We also offer overnight and priority overnight shipping through USPS Express Mail or FedEx Overnight.
  • We are a small company that does everything by hand. Most orders of anatomy chocolates are shipped 1-3 days after you place your order. (except near holidays like Christmas or Valentine’s day when it may take 2-4 days before we ship)
  • Orders ship through the United States Postal Service (USPS). We use Priority Mail which is 2-3 days to most locations in the US, but that is not guaranteed.
  • The shipping labels for your order are printed when your actual order is printed. Tracking numbers are e-mailed to you at the time the shipping label is printed. If there is no tracking information available the package is probably still being prepared for mailing or on its way to the Post Office. Tracking numbers will not give you any information until your package arrives at the Post Office and is Scanned. This may be several hours after you receive this e-mail.
  • The USPS is slow to update their tracking information when they are busy, around holidays like Christmas and Valentine’s Day. Some not so happy news, Priority Mail which usually takes 2-3 days may take as many as 5-7 days around holidays.
  • We ship our anatomy chocolates to all corners of the USA. At this time we only ship to the USA and Canada. Allow at least 7-14 days for Canadian shipping, (in addition to time for us to create chocolates). Customs in can be very unpredictable and often takes much longer than shipping company websites indicate.
  • We Shipping using USPS, FedEx and UPS only. We can use your company account at any of these 3 carriers. No other carriers are approved for use.

Summer Shipping

  • It is very important to us that your anatomy chocolates arrive to you in the best possible condition. During the hot summer months we take extra precautions to protect your chocolate order. We use insulated bubble wrap and frozen gel packs.
  • Starting in May or June shipping prices go up. This is because we switch over to Summer Shipping with is Overnight Shipping and insulated boxes with frozen packs. This ensures that your chocolates arrive in perfect condition.
  • We recommended that you have chocolates sent to a location where they will not sit out in the heat or sun for an extended period of time. They will most likely not survive a day out on a hot porch in the sun. Please, plan to ship to an office or other location where chocolates can be taken indoors immediately after delivery.
  • During warm weather months we do not ship on Fridays or Saturdays. This is because we have no control over where or in what conditions your chocolates will sit all day Sunday.
  • Summer is overnight service plus Styrofoam box and/or insulated wrap plus gel ice packs.
  • In hot locations be sure to ship to a locating where someone can take the chocolates indoors immediately after delivery.
  • We will let you know when to expect chocolates so that you can be sure to have someone present at the time of delivery.
  • Thank you for your patience during the hot summer months.
  • We are not responsible for chocolates that melt because they were left outside all day after delivery or that were not shipped by our recommended shipping method.

Contact us if you need more information on shipping.