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9 PC Custom Mix


Our 9 Piece Custom Mix Anatomy Gift Box includes your choice of 9 anatomy chocolate pieces. You can choose 9 of one piece or 9 different pieces. It’s all up to you.


Our 9 Piece Custom Mix anatomy chocolates box includes your choice of 9 anatomy chocolate pieces. You can choose 9 of one piece or 9 different pieces. It’s all up to you.

TO ORDER: 1. Add this box to cart. 2. View cart. 3. Type the 9 pieces you want in the Order Notes box. 4. Complete order

Choose from the following pieces: heart, lungs, brain, vertebra, knee, kidney, uterus, liver, eye, pancreas, stomach, hips, skull, hand, colon, ear, ribs, placenta, scapula, foot, sperm, ribbon, tooth, vocal cords.

Our anatomy chocolates are handmade by a small team of dedicated chocolate specialists. We take great care to make sure every piece is anatomically correct yet fun and delicious. During the ordering process you may add a card message to be included with your anatomy gift box. We never put receipts or price information in with orders when we ship since we know that so many of our orders go out as gifts.

Anatomy chocolates rest in a paper cup then in a dark brown tray. Our boxes feature a bright white base. The box has a beautiful decorative lid with images of all our pieces as the border. It is white and beautiful decorated with foil printing in chocolate brown and royal purple outlines.

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Anneliese Lilienthal

I’ve worked with Visual Anatomy on both small and larger orders, and their products are not only anatomically correct, but a fantastic combination of delicious chocolate and quality craftsmanship. These were a hit with everyone who received one as a gift, medical professionals and patients alike! Tina was great to work with and always available for any questions. The delivery was well coordinated arriving fresh when needed, and the packaging kept the chocolates protected during travel. I am excited for the next opportunity to share these treasures with friends, family, and colleagues!

Laurie Diener

The chocolates were a wonderful party favor, and a great conversation starter. Lots of “name that organ” going on, and, of course, multiple requests for “other” body parts. Thank you for a wonderful addition to our celebration, and I hope I can refer business your way.